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People with disabilities - Rehabilitationszentrum Bethesda

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Habitation, manifold assistance, care and therapy ist offered by the "Rehabilitationszentrum Bethesda".

The physical medicine and rehabilitation center Bethesda kreuznacher diakonie (“Rehabilitationszentrum Bethesda kreuznacher diakonie“) consists of five departments:

  • 162 children, teenagers and adults with varying degrees of physical impairments up to severe disabilities live in the rehabilitation center Bethesda kreuznacher diakonie in Bad Kreuznach. It serves as a residential facility and offers habitation, manifold assistance, care and therapy as well as social and pedagogical support according to integrative medicine.
  • The physical medicine and rehabilitation services/orthopedics is the outpatient clinic of the rehabilitation center Bethesda kreuznacher diakonie.
  • The “Bethesda Schule” is a school for children with special educational needs in motor development.  It is a state-approved private school (“Ersatzschule”) for 150 internal and external pupils from the districts Bad Kreuznach, Rhein-Hunsrück, Birkenfeld as well as for residents of the rehabilitation center Bethesda kreuznacher diakonie itself. Here children and adolescents with special educational needs and motor impairments as well as pupils with severe disabilities get supported in specialized degrees of education. These conform to the official school leaving certificates for grades 5 to 9 (“Hauptschulabschluss”).
  • The mobile physical medicine and rehabilitation service tries to advance ambulatory care for patients in need of treatment and rehabilitation near to where they live, by providing mobile units, visiting and treating patients at home.
  • The consultation center for augmentative and alternative communication ("BUK") counsels and cares for people with communicational limitations and provides them with technologies and aids to express themselves.


Diakonin Heike Gatzke

Chief Executive Director



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Heike  Gatzke
Chief Executive Director


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