Hunsrück Klinik Simmern

We consider ourselves your partner in healthcare for the Rhein-Hunsrück region. Our hospital offers you modern diagnostics, competent therapy and attentive care at the level of the latest scientific findings. When treating a patient, we focus on the individual rather than placing the emphasis on the disease. Our experienced specialists, skilled therapists and trained staff work hand in hand to provide our patients with the best possible care available.
Alongside the specialty departments at Hunsrück Klinik Simmern, we also offer various other services that focus on diagnostics and treatments of specific clinical symptoms. The hospital accommodates several medical centers that are unique to this region:
- As a part of the gynecology and obstetrics department, the Breast Center provides care and treatment in the case of any changes in the breast tissue. Special procedures and our wide experience in this medical specialty are what make this competence center invaluable.
- The Endoprosthetics Center is a part of the hospital’s surgery department. Our qualified specialists are certified and able to offer remedies such as, surgical knee and hip replacements, in order to reduce pain for those patients who may suffer from worn-out bones and cartilage (arthrosis).
- The basic care unit of the surgery department includes a Trauma Center, where patients, who get admitted to our hospital with serious injuries due to an accident, will receive interdisciplinary care.
- As part of the internal medicine department, our Sleep Clinic offers extensive possibilities to study our patients’ subconscious behavior while they sleep. We can identify and treat sleep-related conditions as well as the circumstances that lead to a patient’s sleep disorder.
Our team of employees covers a wide variety of interdisciplinary specializations, has additional qualifications and focuses on various medical areas. Thanks to a large network of partners, doctors’ offices, institutes, hospital-affiliated physicians and resident doctors, we are able to provide our patients with holistic medical care.
Together, we strive for your good health, and we are thankful that you are interested in our clinic and our services.
We are continuously looking for qualified new talents and work diligently to widen our knowledge and abilities. In our affiliated healthcare and nursing school, we have been training caregivers and nurses in all of our specialty departments for over 40 years. If you are interested in a career in the healthcare and nursing sectors, please visit “Career” for more information.

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In the case of an emergency, every second counts. Here is a list of important emergency numbers.
In the case of life-threatening medical emergencies, always call 112.
112 is free of charge and will connect you to the dispatch center that will alert the appropriate organizations, such as police, fire department and rescue services. This is an EU-wide emergency number.

Hospital Hunsrück Klinik Simmern
Our central emergency unit
Address: Holzbacher Str. 1, 55469 Simmern, Germany Phone: +49 (0)6761-810

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Dental emergency hotline

Pharmacy emergency hotline
Landline: 01805-258825 + postal code of your location (0.14 €/min.) Mobile network: 01805-258825 + postal code of your location (max. 0.42 €/min.)

Telephone counseling hotline
0800-111 0 111
0800-111 0 222