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Colleges for social studies, geriatric care and geriatric care assistance

As state-recognized private schools, our colleges offer professional qualifications in the form of vocational education and training. There are a total of 390 training placements available in the following areas:

Some training programs provide the opportunity to not only gain vocational qualifications, but to also acquire higher education entrance qualification.
Being a college owned by the Protestant Church, we are committed to the Christian image of humanity and the motto of Stiftung kreuznacher diakonie: “never stop beginning.” We attach great importance to the social interactions between all people at our schools.
Our pedagogical mission is to support the professional and personal development of various competencies in our students. We encourage our students to reach their full potential as they learn to strengthen their individual qualities and gain social responsibilities.
The various learning modules that are offered will impact students both professionally and personally as they develop numerous capabilities. Course contents take into consideration individualized learning needs and interests and have been adapted to meet the requirements of professional practices.
It is our goal to create a strong connection between teaching contents and hands-on training, which is why we encourage our students to complete internships, participate in job shadowing, partake in job-related excursions, and engage in practice-oriented projects. We continue to develop and refine our teaching practices in order to always meet the changing requirements and needs in the respective fields of work. With this in mind, we focus on co-operative types of learning and encourage a high level of independence amongst our students.
Graduates find work in one of the many welfare and social facilities of Stiftung kreuznacher diakonie and at various other social service institutions.
We welcome all students, regardless of their religious denomination; however, an interest in working with and interacting with people is required.
Rooms are available for students at our residence halls

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