Diakonie Krankenhaus Kirn

In 2002, the two Diakonie hospitals in Bad Kreuznach and Kirn merged into one hospital focusing on specialized care (“Krankenhaus der Schwerpunktversorgung”). The Diakonie Krankenhaus Kirn, the smaller of the two hospitals, is known for its personal and attentive care for the local population. Its main medical areas are internal medicine and orthopedic / surgical care and services. The certified spinal center is well known throughout the country. Furthermore, the Kirn hospital accommodates the on-call emergency unit that provides medical care after regular office hours of resident doctors.
High quality medical care and nursing services, as well as personal attentiveness to our patients, are very important to us. Our hospitals are known for the great collaboration of all people involved in the care for every person entrusted to us, mutual trust, honesty and the efforts to provide our patients with a place of comfort and safety during times of illness.
We also have a training center for various professions in the healthcare and nursing sectors, and we welcome everyone, who can see him/herself working in those areas. In collaboration with the academy for professions in the social and healthcare sectors, Stiftung kreuznacher diakonie offers a variety of different professional training programs.

See “Schools for Healthcare and Nursing” for more information.


In the case of an emergency, every second counts. Here is a list of important emergency numbers.
In the case of life-threatening medical emergencies, always call 112.
112 is free of charge and will connect you to the dispatch center that will alert the appropriate organizations, such as police, fire department and rescue services. This is an EU-wide emergency number.

Our central emergency unit
Address: Jahnstraße 11, 55606 Kirn, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)6752-133-0
Medical on-call service at Diakonie Krankenhaus Kirn
Address: Altes Verwaltungsgebäude, left side of courtyard, Jahnstraße 11, 55606 Kirn, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)6752-913 20 50 or 116 117 (without are code)

Dental emergency hotline
01805-04 03 08 (fee-based)

Pharmacy emergency hotline
Landline: 0800-00 22 8 33Mobile network: 22833 (max. 0.69 €/min.)

Telephone counseling hotline
0800-111 0 111
0800-111 0 222