Schülerinnen der Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege

Schools for Healthcare and Nursing

Healthcare and nursing training is possible at our locations in Bad Kreuznach, Simmern, and Neunkirchen. Our schools for healthcare and nursing in Bad Kreuznach also offer training in the fields of healthcare and pediatric care, as well as a one-year training course in the field of healthcare assistance.

Bad Kreuznach

There are a total of 96 training placements available in the fields of healthcare and nursing.
Each year in October, up to 32 new students begin training. In the field of healthcare and pediatric care, we offer a total of 36 training placements, with up to 12 new students starting their training every year in October.
Every April, 25 students start their one-year training course in the field of geriatric care assistance.
Mixed training courses
The majority of all training courses in the fields of healthcare and nursing and healthcare and pediatric care are taught in a collaborative manner, enabling students to share each other’s experiences in working with people of all ages. Only the specificities of the respective occupations are being discussed in separate classrooms. This approach has numerous benefits:
1. Students can share their experiences in working with people of all ages and learn how to “think outside of the box.”
2. Acquiring knowledge in both areas of expertise makes students more valuable and attractive for potential employers and, therefore, increases the chances of finding employment.


For over 40 years, training has been offered in the area of care and is performed in collaboration with the hospital Hunsrück Klinik. Every year in September, 20 new students start their training in the areas of healthcare and nursing in this facility.


The vocational school for healthcare and nursing in Neunkirchen is affiliated to the hospital Diakonie Klinikum Neunkirchen.
Each year, this school trains 40 students to become healthcare professionals and nurses. The fundamental requirements for a joint school development are an intercultural school and learning climate, as well as constructive teamwork and interaction between all people. The
practical part of the training is completed at one of the three Diakonie clinics in the Saarland region, including Evangelisches Stadtkrankenhaus Saarbrücken, Fliedner Krankenhaus Neunkirchen and Diakonie Klinikum Neunkirchen gGmbH. For this hands-on practical experience, we try to ensure that our students work at a location close to their hometown.

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