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Bad Kreuznach
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Sheltered workshops

Das Arbeiten als Goldschmied erfordert höchste Konzentration
The sheltered workshops offer work in many different fields.

Sheltered workshops

The sheltered workshops (“Diakonie Werkstätten”) care for over 1000 people with physical and mental disabilities as well as people with severe disabilities and psychological impairments in five workshops and two day-time care centers (“Tagesförderstätten”).

The sheltered workshops offer participation in working life through a two year long job training and work in many different fields afterwards. Considering their abilities and likings people with disabilities find tasks at the assembly line, producing in-house products or work in the service sector.

Additionally, character-supporting and therapeutical activities accompany working in the sheltered workshops.

The day-time care centers are an institution which enables people with great need to participate in social life.

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