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People with disabilities - Heilpädagogische Einrichtungen

Schülerinnen der Bodelschwingh Schule
Intergation into society is the major goal.

People with special needs are provided with integration and support through differentiated offers in living, assistance and therapy.

All offers are tailored to the individual need for help of every person. In six locations people with varying degrees of disability may have access to decentralized accommodation offers in the municipalities or assistance outside the facilities (assisted living, personal budget). For people woh ar not able to follow regular work in the "sheltered workshops" it offers help to maintain a daily routine („Tagesstrukturen“), e.g. musical therapy groups, handicrafts and sports or residential treatment.

 Additionally, in the cities of Meisenheim and Bad Kreuznach we provide places in day care centers for people with special needs.

The curative pedagogical services are intensively preparing for the future: The intergation of people with special needs into society is the major goal  – out of the living centers and into society. We work to achieve this goal together with the state of Rineland-Palatinate and supporting organizations, but above all we work with the people concerned and their relatives.

 A special  service supports the work of employees in the respective locations.

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