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Stiftung kreuznacher diakonie
Bad Kreuznach
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Foundation "Stiftung kreuznacher diakonie"

Mutterhaus Bad Kreuznach
Mother House in Bad Kreuznach

Foundation kreuznacher diakonie

The "foundation kreuznacher diakonie" takes part in the ecclesiastical mission to communicate God’s love for the world in Jesus Christ to all people. It feels committed to this mission and has participated in it since the beginning of the “Diakonie” as a vital and spiritual unit of the protestant church. It especially cares for people in physical suffering, mental distress and social hardship.

The “kreuznacher diakonie” is a large, charitable and benevolent ecclesiastical institution under public law and was founded in 1889 in Bad Sobernheim. Today, the foundation kreuznacher diakonie is situated in Bad Kreuznach and is the supporting organisation of many social and healthcare facilities in the states of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Hessen.

Help to live
The offers of the different divisions of the "foundation kreuznacher diakonie" provide people with manifold help to live. This includes hospitals, hospices as well as accommodations and workshops for people with special needs. Furthermore, the foundation supports nursing homes, aid for children, teenagers and families as well as homeless people. It also offers projects for people being disadvantaged in the job market.  There are services for outpatients as well as inpatients in every division. The foundation kreuznacher diakonie provides around 1000 places for vocational training and further education, in the fields of pedagogy, healthcare and deacon-theology.

More than 8000 people use the services provided by the kreuznacher diakonie every day. The foundation kreuznacher diakonie employs more than 5.300 employees.

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